Facility/Facility Manager Profile

Nemours Childrens Hospital: A Leader in Green Building Design and Operation

This October, the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida, celebrates the one year anniversary of receiving its first patients.  

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Leading by Example: Stiles Corporation

Lead by example. That is the motto of Alexandria (Alex) Brown, District Manager for Stiles Property Management, which has its headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Reducing Real Estate Taxes

Each year county property appraisers estimate the values of hundreds of thousands of parcels in a highly automated, computer-based process. Inevitably, each year some individual properties are under or overvalued. 

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Seat Belts for Powered Industrial Trucks: It's the Law

OSHAhas strict guidelines when it comes to the use and maintenance of forklifts in the workplace. These guidelines include the proper use and maintenance of operator restraints, otherwise known as seat belts. 

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A Study in Security: Kennedy Space Center

Post-9/11 many of us found ourselves dealing with a whole new array of possible disaster scenarios to prepare for and though we moved forward rapidly, Murphy and his Law constantly found ways of creeping in.

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Interior Maintenance

Lean, Clean, and Green: Trends in Interior Maintenance

Today, the watchwords of interior design are three: lean, clean, and green. Inextricably linked, these features contribute to an aesthetic environment that can be maintained at minimal cost as regards to maintenance and energy.

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Exterior Maintenance

Native Aquatic Plants: The Good & The Bad

Ponds and waterways are created on commercial properties to serve one or more purposes, which can be anything from water run-off areas to a beautification project. Native plants are often installed along the shorelines of waterways...

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Browse, Click, and Read...The New www.facilitiestoday.com

Doing business in 2012 is different from doing business ten years ago. It’s hard to realize that in that short period of time, business websites have become a necessity instead of a luxury.

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Safety / Security

Mission Critical: A Business Plan for Risk Mitigation

Danger lurked even in the Garden of Eden. And human frailty exposed it. The Book of Genesis reminds us that any effort to protect ultimately may be undone by a single human decision. One errant choice can break the barrier between good and bad.

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Career Development / Leadership

Effective Organizational and Time Management for Facility Managers

What if getting organized wasn’t about the perfect system or having more time? What if getting organized was more about being focused and staying in the game?  

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Environmental / Sustainability

It's Not What You Plant... It's How Much You Water

Dr. Kimberly Moore is professor of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida’s Research and Education Center in Fort Lauderdale.  She has a message for facility managers: “Stop overwatering!”

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Trade Show News

Florida Building & Facility Maintenance Show

The Florida Building and Facility Maintenance Show is positioned to serve the needs of facility management and maintenance professionals from across the Greater Tampa Bay region.

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